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Dental Implants

A dental implant is very similar to a natural tooth in function and in esthetics. When you need an implant, a dental specialist places a titanium support into the bone that will fuse with the bone and act like a root of a tooth. Then the restorative dentist fabricates a crown to attach to the titanium “root” which is designed to look very natural in the mouth. Dental implants can also be a support for fixed bridges and dentures.

There are several advantages to using dental implants. In addition to it being the most like a natural tooth, it can also help preserve bone in the mouth after the loss of a tooth. Also an implant does not require any treatment to an adjacent natural tooth like what is required with a fixed bridge.

There are a few disadvantages to dental implants. One is that implant placement takes longer and may require more dental visits than alternative procedures. Most patients are very pleased with a dental implant, but this treatment is not always an option for everyone. Please make an appointment to discuss whether or not you are a candidate for such treatment.