Financial Info



Dental insurance is a great way to help you afford dental treatment. If you are covered by dental insurance, please bring policy information on your first visit.  Our financial coordinator will estimate the expected insurance payment and you will be asked to pay the difference at the time of service. As a courtesy, we will complete and submit your insurance forms for you. Please remember that no insurer covers all costs and that you are responsible for any deductible, co-payment, or other balance not paid by your insurance company.

Payment Options

We want to help you afford the dental care you need and want. Please review the payment options we offer and select the one that best suits you. We appreciate payment at the time of your visit. For any questions contact our financial coordinator, Denise, at 573-474-8566 and she will be happy to assist you.

We accept cash, check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa on all visits as treatment progresses.

We also offer financing through CareCredit, which provides a valuable financing option for treatments and procedures that typically are not covered by insurance, or for times when insurance doesn't cover the full amount. CareCredit is also used by cardholders to pay for deductibles and co-payments.